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A bail bondsman (also called a bail bond agent or dealer) is a professional who acts as a surety by pledging money or property as bail for someone in need of bail. The money or property can be cash, jewelry, or even a house. In exchange for the bail, the bondsman or agent will work with the court to release the person. National Bonding Company is one of the authority sites on this topic.


A bail bondsman has many tasks to perform. These include going to court, filling out applications, and dealing with the public. They also need to understand the rules of the surety company. As a result, consulting with a business lawyer is recommended. In addition to a physical address, a bail bondsman can also work from home using a P.O. Box, Skype, or Google Voice number. It is best to avoid listing his or her home phone number and address online. A bail bondsman should also have a merchant account so that he or she can process payments quickly.

Generally, a bail bondsman will charge ten to thirteen percent of the bail amount, but the fees are not refundable. Once a person is released from jail, the bondsman will seek repayment from the defendant. If the defendant doesn’t pay, the bondsman may send a bounty hunter to locate the defendant and retrieve the money for bail. However, it is also important to note that a bail bondsman is not a substitute for a professional criminal defense attorney.

The state requires bail bondsmen to renew their license every even-numbered year. This renewal process costs about $40 and takes about 180 days. Bail bondsmen can renew their license up to 180 days before their expiration date by completing an online application with the Department. Although the renewal process is time-consuming and costly, it is the best way to keep your license active.

A bail bondsman can hire a bounty hunter to find a defendant who has fled. The hunter would then track down the defendant and return him to custody. Sometimes, the amount of bail is higher than the defendant’s family members or friends can afford. In these cases, a bail bond must be secured.

Bail bondsmen provide a vital service to the community. Many defendants cannot afford the bail amount, and bail bondsmen step in to pay the bail for the defendant, allowing them to get ready for their court appearance. A good bail bondsman will explain the bail process to the bonding family, and go over the contract thoroughly.

A bail bondsman can earn up to six figures a year. Starting pay is around $55,000, but the salary can climb as long as the bondsman stays in business.

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