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An orthodontist is a dental specialist who diagnoses, manages, and treats malpositioned teeth and bite patterns. They also may address issues relating to facial growth and development. The specialty is often referred to as dentofacial orthopedics. orthodontist pembroke pines is one of the authority sites on this topic. To learn more about the work of an orthodontist, read on.


An orthodontist may use braces, removable appliances, or headgear to correct problems and maintain the alignment of teeth. The most common appliance for this type of treatment is a fixed appliance. This type of brace is comfortable to wear and can be removed for eating and flossing. In some cases, patients may need to wear special gum shields while participating in contact sports. These appliances consist of wires, brackets, and bands. They are connected to the front teeth, which are then moved into the proper position.

Other common orthodontic problems are overbites and underbites. An overbite is when the front teeth extend farther forward than the other teeth. An underbite is when there is not enough space in the mouth for an adult’s full set of teeth. Overcrowding is another common orthodontic problem. When teeth are too crowded, the orthodontist may have to remove some of them to create more room. Some orthodontic problems also occur due to improper bite alignment or asymmetry. When the upper teeth protrude further than the rest of the teeth, this is called crowding. In addition, if the centers of the upper and lower teeth do not line up, it is called an overbite.

When it comes to choosing a good orthodontist, you need to find one with specialized training and experience. There are a few different types of orthodontists, but the majority are dentists. Your dentist can recommend one for you. But even if you choose to choose a dentist, it is important to check their credentials.

Aside from straightening teeth, orthodontists can also treat other problems such as a misaligned jaw or grinding of the teeth. Eventually, these issues may lead to bone loss and other major health problems. For this reason, the American Association of Orthodontics recommends that children visit an orthodontist by the age of seven to prevent problems from developing.

Orthodontic treatment requires several visits, starting with an examination and x-rays. Your orthodontist will then place braces on your teeth. Once they are installed, you’ll need regular checkups for the next one to three years. And, you’ll be able to smile with confidence and enjoy a healthier life after treatment.
Aside from orthodontic treatment, you’ll also need to visit your general dentist for routine cleanings and check-ups. Your general dentist will also provide you with information about other dental treatments.

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