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Boat trailer maintenance is an essential part of boating and is a must if you’re serious about getting the most out of your boat. Many common boat trailer problems include rust or wear and tear on the wheels. Other common issues include brake problems, electrical issues, and cranks that seize. Check your boat trailer for any of these issues every time you hook it up. And while you’re at it, check your trailer’s lights as well.

Proper maintenance of your boat trailer includes adjusting the winch and jack, making sure to get them to the correct positions, and replacing rusted wires and bulbs. You should also replace your trailer’s safety check lights and rewire them if they’re significantly rusted or out of position. Another important boat trailer repair is checking the brakes, checking for proper operation and replacing as needed. Get additional information at boat trailers for sale near me

Boat trailer repair also involves inspecting the loading mechanism, including the wheel bearings. Most boat trailers have a slide, roller, or hydraulic lift system to load and unload the boat. Rollers are usually rubber and connect to a winch that pulls the boat out. The winch may be manually operated or electric. The slide type boat trailer has to be submerged to float, but a hydraulic lift can slide the boat under the trailer.

Tires are another important part of a boat trailer. They should be checked every season to make sure they’re in good shape. Uneven tire wear can indicate that the axle is out of alignment. The tires should be replaced if they’re more than six years old. You can also check the DOT code on the tire. This code shows the month and year the tire was manufactured.

Before you go on a road trip, be sure that your boat trailer has been properly inspected and is in good condition. A simple walk-around inspection is a must before you hit the water. If you’re not sure how to go about doing this task, head to a boating center near you to have the trailer professionally inspected.

In addition to a thorough inspection, boat trailers employ bunk boards to protect the hull during storage and towing. Properly functioning bunks can extend the life of your boat trailer. If your bunks are too worn or have fallen off, they will put your boat in danger of slipping. This may result in damage to the trailer and its hull. If you have any of these problems, be sure to fix them immediately.

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