QC Kinetix – Guidance

QC Kinetix is a leading global provider of regenerative medicine. Their team has developed a proven regenerative medical program for chronic pain patients. The program provides patients with an alternative to painful surgeries, invasive procedures, or addictive pain medications. This program has shown to be effective in treating a wide range of pain conditions. The program has been life changing for many chronic pain patients. Click here to find more about Kennett Square Sports Medicine Association are here

In the past, patients who had chronic pain, including those that had joint pain, muscle pain, or foot pain, were often left with no choice but to take pain medication. But with QC Kinetix’s regenerative treatments, patients can get relief from pain and regain their mobility, without the need for surgery or complex procedures. This program offers patients a natural alternative to painful and addictive pain medications, and it offers a faster and more efficient recovery.
QC Kinetix clinics specialize in advanced regenerative orthopedics. Their doctors utilize a series of biologic treatments that target deeper issues. These treatments are less costly and provide patients with freedom from long recovery periods and health complications. In addition, they are more effective than surgery, which can be risky and costly.
The QC Kinetix franchise opportunity offers a unique opportunity for doctors to own and operate a clinic. Typically, clinics will be located in Class A office space. This medical franchise model allows medical providers to escape corporate practice and focus on providing concierge-level care to their patients. It offers a proven operating system and access to pre-approved technology tools and equipment suppliers. It also provides ongoing training and guidance from the QC Kinetix leadership team.
QC Kinetix offers a comprehensive regenerative medical program that treats patients with low back pain, shoulder pain, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, ankle pain, and more. The company has clinics located across the country, and is currently looking for like-minded medical professionals to help further the company’s mission. This is the only medical franchise opportunity that specializes in regenerative medicine.
The company’s new leadership team includes Scott Hoots, who is the company’s chief operating officer, and Marc Weiss, who is QC Kinetix’s chief financial officer. Both men have extensive experience in franchising and are committed to continuing to provide the latest in regenerative medical care.
QC Kinetix has experienced rapid growth in the last three years. Currently, there are 112 clinics nationwide, and the company is on track to reach systemwide sales of $27 million by 2021. The company has signed development agreements for more than 500 locations. In the next two years, QC Kinetix plans to expand its offerings to include treatments for low testosterone, sexual dysfunction, and hair loss.
The company is looking for franchisees who want to own and operate a single or dual clinic. The franchisee will manage the clinic, including hiring and training staff, managing the budget, and marketing. He or she will also have a CEO type role. This is a great opportunity for medical professionals who are looking to take a more active role in patient care, and for doctors who are unhappy with the current medical system.