Grease Trap Cleaners Methods

A restaurant’s grease trap is an important safety component of any establishment. A clogged or dirty trap can result in health problems for your employees and customers, a noxious odor, and more. It can also compromise the structure of your grease trap, causing costly repairs and replacement. Click here to find more about Vancouver Grease Trap Cleaners Organization are here
To keep the grease trap working properly, it must be cleaned at least once every thirty to ninety days. Regular cleaning prevents the accumulation of old grease, prevents foul odors in the workplace, and reduces the need for pumping the trap. It is important to make sure the grease trap is clean before you begin using it again.
Proper disposal of waste grease trap material is also a major concern. Proper disposal means storing the grease trap waste in a regulated container, and bringing it to an EPA-licensed facility. Ignoring these requirements can lead to serious fines and costly clean-up.
Grease traps come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some are located under the floor, while others are above the ground. These traps can hold between two and ten thousand gallons of wastewater. They have baffles that separate fats and oils from water and prevent the grease from entering the drain system.
In order to ensure the cleanliness of your grease trap, you should use a chemical or biological solution that is designed to break down heavy grease. It is important to clean your grease trap at least once a month. This will cut down on the maintenance costs and the risk of back-ups. Additionally, cleaning your trap regularly will reduce the likelihood of sewer clogs. In addition, failing to clean your grease trap can lead to fines and blocked drains.
The first step in grease trap cleaning is to remove all standing water. Once the water is gone, use a bucket to scoop out the solidified waste. You can also use a heavy-duty plastic trash bag to collect the waste. The second step is to scrape the trap. Scraping will remove excess grease and prevent the build up of debris. It will also remove the odor.
Regular grease trap cleaning is crucial for restaurants. Not only does it keep your kitchen smelling fresh and clean, but it also keeps your plumbing and wastewater flowing properly. Clogs and backups can damage your business’s pipes, and you might end up with a costly repair bill.
You can also contact a commercial cleaning company for routine maintenance. A professional team of technicians will come to your location to clear up grease and other contaminants. Many of these companies offer emergency services, too. The team at Mahoney Environmental is on call twenty-four hours a day. The technicians will clean the grease trap as needed and also offer a full report for the next cleaning schedule. They will also dispose of the waste properly.

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