How to Become a Dog Trainer


The qualifications to become a dog trainer vary widely. While most employers prefer to see a high school diploma or a GED certificate, some aspiring dog trainers opt to pursue a college degree in animal science or related field. A bachelor’s degree is typically a four-year program that covers coursework in animal care, behavior, genetics, nutrition, and physiology. After completing the training program, candidates may apply for certification in the field. You can get additional information at Lehi dog training

A dog trainer’s job may be demanding but can also be rewarding. Many dog owners seek professional help when their pets exhibit unwanted behavior. This may include behavioral problems, like aggression or separation anxiety. Working with clients and dogs can be challenging and stressful, and there is no guarantee of a happy ending. Therefore, it is important to choose the right career path.

Getting a degree is one way to set yourself apart from other dog trainers. A degree from a reputable university shows clients that you have done the research and have an accredited college or university. Obtaining a certification is also important, as it will show prospective clients that you are serious about your craft and are qualified to teach dogs.

The ACDBC, a certification program offered by the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, requires 300 hours of training experience and requires two case studies, three letters of recommendation, and the completion of an exam. After earning your ACDBC, you can work towards becoming a CCPDT-KA, which is a higher-level certification. To become a certified trainer, you need to have at least three years of training experience and a CCPDT-KA certification. In addition to certification, you must maintain a minimum of 500 hours of education in dog training.

A dog trainer can earn a living teaching classes and private lessons. While the majority of their work involves training dogs, some work with behavior problems. These professionals may specialize in a specific discipline such as service dog training, puppy training, or trick training. Other options include specialized training for hunting, therapy, and protection.

A career in dog training can be rewarding. It combines your love of dogs with a passion for helping people. You’ll get to work with a variety of breeds and learn new techniques to better the lives of both dog and owner. You can become a dog trainer by attending a certificate or degree program in this field. You may also want to get hands-on experience working with dogs in various environments before entering the field.

Dog Trainers may earn a living by teaching obedience classes or private lessons. They often instruct owners instead of training the dogs directly. The goal of training is to teach dogs basic actions and commands. These professionals may work in a pet training company or independently as a contractor.

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