Understanding Raleigh sports medicine

Visiting a joint pain clinic is important if you’re experiencing pain in your joints. These pains can interfere with your daily activities, but a doctor will be able to diagnose your condition quickly and start treatment to relieve the pain and improve joint function. Raleigh sports medicine is one of the authority sites on this topic.Your doctor will ask questions to determine the cause of the pain, and it’s important to have answers ready. Tell your doctor about any past injuries you may have suffered to your joints, as well as your pain history.


The goal of pain clinics is to reduce inflammation and pain in the joints to improve function and quality of life. These clinics will also teach you how to cope with pain effectively and manage your symptoms. Most clinics are outpatient and will offer treatment for a couple of weeks. They may offer physical therapy or occupational therapy sessions, as well as relaxation and mind/body therapy.

A physical therapist can perform exercises that stretch muscles around the joints and improve range of motion. Some physical therapists may prescribe a knee brace to improve function and stability. Some treatments can be done at home, too. Alternating hot and cold packs or sleeping with a heated blanket can help reduce joint stiffness.

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